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Wednesday Night

Bible Study

     We meet each first, second, and third Wednesday of the month at 7 PM to study the Bible. Our study is not a traditional Pentecostal Wednesday night blowout service. Perhaps someday God will grant that kind of gathering. For now, we are examining the Scriptures to see what it says. As a pastor, I am interested in exposing the meaning of the text in its proper textual and first-century context. The LORD gave us His word in its form for a reason. 

     From August 2021 to the end of January 2024, we read through the works of Luke (the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles), which accounts for about 30% of the New Testament. Beginning in February 2024, we will begin in Romans. I intend to spend the year in Romans (approximately 33 meetings). We will read the scriptures and examine them sometimes word for word. Also, we will use the book The Message to the Romans by Dr. David Bernard as an occasional guide. From time to time, I will also use other commentaries and authors. 

     Please come. I may challenge some long-held ideas; however, I invite discussion and sharing ideas. 

     Pastor Randy Nethers

Romans 1

Meeting Information

305 Park Ave
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