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  • Randolph Nethers

About Bible Studies @ TVFUPC

I am sure there are a million different ways to study the Bible. For our purposes, I direct two types of study at The Victory Fellowship UPC (TVFUPC). In either case, I want people to read the Bible, and hear it read, and have the opportunity to discuss it in a place that is safe, where they and their opinions will be respected. 


On Wednesday nights (from 2021 through 2025 or so, God willing), we will study New Testament books. From August 2021 to January 2024, we read through the two books written by Luke (the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles). We sat together at a table, and I read the work and discussed it. Also, I want input from others, their ideas, and thoughts. There are some places where I have what I consider essential information about a passage. 

According to Paul, in 1 Timothy 4:16, the doctrine will save you. I want folks to understand the context of scripture and its relation to soul-saving doctrine. The New Testament contains doctrines vital to salvation, which people sometimes miss. As I mentioned, I want people to read it, hear it read, and have the opportunity to discuss it in a safe place. I respect and value their thoughts. 

So, at present, our Wednesday night studies (on the first, second, and third Wednesday of each month) are delving into a New Testament book. Our current schedule includes the works of Luke, which we just finished, followed by the Apostle Paul's Epistle to the Roman church. Next, we will look at the General Epistle to the Hebrew church. This study set will take us to the end of 2025, possibly early 2026. I do not have a day-to-day plan; I only want to get through Romans and Hebrews. I did not use anything besides the scriptures for Luke's writings. For Romans, I will be using David Bernard's The Message of the Romans as a companion. I believe his book is an excellent commentary from a perspective with which I agree. 


There are other Bible Studies I teach. Once we finish with the Pilgrim's Progress in Adult Sunday school, I will begin teaching studies that focus on a particular topic. For instance, Jesus taught many parables. I can imagine a series of lessons focusing on the parables and their many applications. There may be a time I use a passage of scripture as well as the focus. One subject we will touch on for several weeks in the coming months will be the wilderness tabernacle and Temple in Jerusalem. 

Also, for individual soteriological (those having to do with salvation) studies there are a handful of studies I may use, depending on the time allotted and the level of interest. 


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